Student Activist Anti-Oppression Workshop

Student Activist Anti-Oppression Workshop
Wednesday, March 13th, 8:30PM
Come join Tufts Divest and other student activist groups for an evening of anti-oppression training! 

We will be exposing and challenging unjust race, class, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, experience, and other dynamics helps us to work towards a culture that values a wider range of truths. This workshop will focus on incorporating an anti-oppressive framework in to our daily lives, the importance of examining privilege and using it appropriately, as well as decolonization, and solidarity building tools. Interactive activities will bring to light the way that systems of oppression intersect. Students will be provided with tools to begin the life-long process of anti-oppression and decolonization.

The following questions will be explored:

• How can we apply these principles to organizing work?
• How can we understand and articulate the realities of the intersectionality of oppression?
• How do we deal with strong emotions stemming from reflection of privilege, power dynamics, and oppression?


Rue grew up in the Finger Lakes region of NY. They are a radical social and environmental justice advocate and activist working with grass roots organizations to confront industry with tactically diverse forms of direct action. They have organized actions in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions of New York against the hydraulic fracturing industry and worked on several community based outreach campaigns. Rue is a long time organizer with the Tar Sands Blockade and dedicated community organizer in Houston’s toxic East End where fence-line refining communities who, alongside indigenous communities at the point of extraction, are impacted the most by tar sands exploitation. Kat sits on the board of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services and works with them as an outreach coordinator in Houston. They are committed to the principle of solidarity and work to amplify the voices of and empower marginalized communities of color. Most recently they worked to organize a direct action with indigenous leaders of the Shuar and Achuar tribes of the Amazon rainforest through Amazon Watch. 

Rue created the anti-oppression framework and policy for the Tar Sands Blockade (which other environmental justice groups have adopted parts of) and has providing trainings for them, RAMPS campaign (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples Survival), Shaleshock Direct Action Working Group, and various universities and high schools. 

ALL are welcome. This will be an anti-racist, safe space to explore these topics, and get some very important training and education on these issues. See you there!




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