DIVEST FEST Pt 2: Get to know the bands

Check out some music and videos from the bands!

Bad and Blue’s EP

Dust Witch’s Sound Cloud

Melodeego – It’s Something

Dust Witch



Join us for an exciting night of MUSIC, ART and ENERGY. Bands from Tufts and beyond will come together to make beautiful music for a great cause.

Oh and did we mention that Melodeego is BIKE POWERED? And that this is a FREE event?

Doesn’t get much better than that.     


Bad and Blue     Melodeego      No Mind       Thoroughfare      Dust Witch     Freedom Erection


When: April 17 @ 9PM

Where: Crane Room

HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE CRANE ROOM IS? (who does?) http://campusmaps.tufts.edu/medford/?fid=m027
It’s at the end of the academic quad near the memorial steps.

Get more info and RSVP at the Facebook event. See you there!