Endorsements and Partners

We are part of a broad, nationwide movement to take the fight to the fossil fuel industry. We seek to partner with other social justice and action groups since we see our struggles are interrelated. Environmental Justice challenges the ways in which the unequal distribution of resources and the ramifications of climate change disproportionately harm communities on the frontlines of extraction, burning, and climactic change, especially low-income and communities of color. We are in solidarity with other groups working for human rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability

On-Campus Endorsements

Peace and Justice Studies

Tufts Sustainability Collective

Pan-African Alliance

Students for Justice in Palestine

Moral Voices

Tufts Democrats

Alumni Endorsements

Micheal Kramer, Investment professional at Natural Investments. Read Micheal’s letter to the Tufts Administration: Divestment letter to Tufts 1.13.

Off Campus Partners

Tufts Divest is proud to be a part of Students for a Just and Stable Future, a chapter-based student climate action group based in New England.

PowerUp! Student Divestment Convergence

Community Partner: Better Future Project

National campaign: gofossilfree.org and 350.org



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